Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,
So another good week has come and gone. I am sad to say that my companion leaves me in the morning which is why I am writing to you all today. For this week only my pday is on Monday so next week I will be back to Tuesdays. It’s just been crazy because Ariunzaya will be leaving tomorrow morning. She got her visa cleared. She has been called to the San Francisco, CA mission. So we did part of our pday today. I am truly thankful to have been able to serve with her these past couple of weeks, it has been fun and we have developed a good friendship. The mission really is a funny thing and honestly none of it has worked out like how I thought it would but it has worked out the way it needed to. I am so grateful to be here. I had a couple of neat experiences this week. On Saturday I was on an STL split with sister Lichtenberg (from my group) yea I know weird.. all of my group is getting in leadership positions... Sister Bollwinkel and Sister Nelson are companions and STLs for the other zone. It’s really cool seeing how far we have all come. But anyways so I was with sister Lichtenberg in my area and it was great! It was literally a perfect day. We met with every single person I had planned except for one but you know how the Lord works in mysterious ways? Yea this was one of those moments. So the one person who said they couldn't end up meeting with us, well, I had a backup plan and the backup was an investigator who I had met with once who I was a referral. The Baynzurkh church has an English class and I actually met her there one time and so I knew her. Anyways I had met with her once but then turned out she wasn't in my area so I passed her to the other sisters. The other sisters are our STLs and so when I was on the split I planned to show sister Lichtenberg where she lived and try to meet with her because since I passed her on a couple of months ago they haven't met with her once. They haven't been able to get a hold of her because her phone wasn't working, so me being me of course was persistent because I just love this woman so much so I remembered where her house was and showed sister Lichtenberg where she lived. When we got to her house she ended up being home and so we met with her! It was funny because she was like wow you remembered where I lived, you have good memory, and I was like yea. But seriously though that has been a huge blessing to me on my mission being able to remember like everything! haha. So we met with her and her adorable one year old little boy and shared the lesson with her. She remembered fairly well what I taught her last time and is still interested and wants to meet again. I asked about her husband and she’s not sure so I asked if the other sisters could come and explain to him about our church and she said okay so we will see what happens. It was just a great blessing that she was there and I’m glad that I didn't forget or give up on the other sisters meeting with her. So that was one blessing from this week. The other blessing is the investigator that I found when I first got here has been meeting with us more. We met with her at the beginning of this last week and I extended to her a baptismal date. So she will hopefully prepare for the 31st of December to be baptized. :) We had a great lesson with her the other day and it was cool to hear her pray at the end of the lesson. You could tell how different it was since we first met her. It was more sincere and it was just really cool to see the difference. She is changing little by little and I don't know if I recognized that as much before in someone so it was cool to be able to witness that. The work really is amazing. I have truly come to love Mongolia and the people. I love the area that I’m serving in. They make me happy. It’s just this cute little ward and the people are really great here. :) I’m trying to be the best missionary I can be for them. I have learned this transfer about how much the Savior loves each and every one of his children. He loves with such a pure love and there is no judgment in his eyes when he looks on others. It is just this pure love that is unconditional and unchanging and I am trying to learn to love in the Savior’s way. To not judge, to not think thoughts about others but to just love and see them for the way the Lord sees them. It is a true gift to be able to see that way and so I am working to develop that. The mission is a great place to learn so many things not only about how to do things but also things about yourself and areas in which you can improve and strengthen. It has been a great experience and it has gone by so fast!

Everything is going well here. Tonight I will be getting a mini missionary who I will have for the remainder of this transfer. School is going good. The students are learning although they really have no English so we are starting from the basics. I teach at the university MW 8:30 to 10:10 and then F from 10:00 to 1:30 so the hours are fairly good. It gets light here around 8 and then dark at like 5 or 6ish.

It has been neat to see the changes from when I first got here to now. It’s crazy to think that I have been over here in Mongolia a year on my mission. I am grateful for the time I have spent here. Despite it being freezing again I am staying rather warm :) I will probably get more socks and what not because it’s cold! haha. Other than that I am doing pretty good though. It truly is a great work and I love it. :)

Have a good week!

Love you,
Sister Kerby