Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 29, 2016


Well transfers happened. I was very surprised to hear what happened, I wasn't expecting it. So.... I’M
TRAINING! haha yaaay.... and I am WHITE WASHING! yaaay.... haha. So I have a new companion and a new area which I have never even seen. I am serving in American Denj now and I am also in a new zone. I have always been in the east zone but now I’m in the west zone. So I don't really know this area too well but it’s alright. We are surviving and doing well. Actually it has been great! Sister Austin is my new companion and she is really nice. She is from Utah... and is 19 years old. We kind of have the same sense of humor so it will be fun. She is nice and I look forward to getting to know her better. Being in American Denj, we are also now in charge of the Long Distance Branch so the elders and us hold the sacrament meeting for them and call them each week to see if they can sit in the sacrament meeting or not. This is all done through the phones so it is fun getting it all together! I’m excited to help out with that. Sunday was good, we were able to meet the members and get to know the ward better. We went to the ward council because they invited us to it so we were able to
get to know the leadership which was nice. Then we had actual church and it went well. We actually got a couple of new investigators that came to church for the first time and said they might be interested and so we will meet them this week and see. But something really cool happened last night. So Sunday night I was calling people and trying to meet with them. I went on a split with sister Nelson for about an hour and a half so she could kind of show me the area on Friday and so from that I knew where like 3 people lived so Sunday night I tried calling those people but of course they didn't pick up so I decided to call other people. One of our investigators with a baptismal date picked up and said that she was "cleaning nuts" haha but that we could come over. I had no idea where this lady lived but I looked at the teaching record and saw the "address" and so I was able to find a bus to take us up there but I had no idea where to get off and so I was asking everyone and so from that I was able to find the bus stop that I needed to get off at. When we got off I had no idea where to go so I called our investigator and her husband picked up and I asked him if he could meet us at the bus stop and he asked if a Mongolian person was there to talk to and I’m just like nope. And so he’s like okay I’m leaving now. When we met him the first thing he asked was like why do you have so many switches? He didn't understand why new missionaries would come. He’s like you are like the third ones that we have had so I tried explaining that it happens every 6 weeks and that we are just called to serve in different areas sometimes. I asked him if he was a member but he’s like no. I’m Buddhist and then started talking about how he knew about Christ and the cross and that he has read the bible some and talked about Adam and Eve and Eve being created by Adams rib and how they ate the fruit because they were tempted by Satan and that kind of thing but that’s about all he knew. But he said his daughters and wife have freedom and agency to take the lessons if they want to. He said it didn't matter; he wants them to take them. Then we finally got to their house and they were literally cleaning nuts like they said. The husband used to be in construction but work stopped and so he hasn't been able to get new work so he has been going up to the mountain and getting pine nuts from the trees and then he brings them down and they clean
them and take all the dirt of and wood pieces from the tree that came off because they sell for more money so I offered to help them clean and they were really happy about that so we helped them clean nuts and I just talked to them and got to know them. They have 4 daughters and then she is pregnant with a son who is due in December. She has been an investigator for 3 years and she heard about the church because her husband’s sister ended up being a member and actually most of his family is. She liked that it was a family centered church and the husband made a comment and was like I’m Buddhist but my family can believe in Christ and he’s like Bolno te? Which is like that’s okay right? That’s allowed right? And so I told him its allowed but just like his wife said we are a family church and I told him it would be so much better if they were all members. The wife knew we had to be home at a certain time and so after about 30 minutes of talking and serving them we had to leave but it was great getting to know them and just helping out. We prepared a scrip but I felt like we shouldn't share it. I just wanted to get to know them. and before we left she told us come back tomorrow or the next day and we will have a cool lesson and we will get to know you better and hear your lesson and the family will sit. I then looked at the husband and was like will you all sit including you and he said okay! He then took us down to the bus stop and we were talking again. And this is where the true blessing happened. As we were talking he was saying how he wants his daughters to be members and to serve missions. He said this is such a nice church and everyone is always so happy and full of joy and nice and he wants his kids to have this. He said we don't smoke and we don't drink. It’s a good church but it’s hard for him. I told him that it would be much better if he was a member with them and that he could bless his family by doing so. I said that he could be an example for them and show them the right way. Before we left I asked him about his wife. She has been getting the lessons right and he said yes. Then I asked if he ever sat in the lessons and he said no. He said he would go outside and smoke. I then told him that this gospel is such a blessing and I asked him if he would take the lessons and if he would sit in with his wife and hear them. He said he doesn't know, he has work and what not. So I asked if he is home will he just sit, listen and see and find out for himself what we have to offer. AND HE SAID YES :) It was so awesome! It was seriously the best night ever! I understood everything they said and they understood me. They said I speak Mongolian really well and were impressed and so it was a huge blessing. Heavenly Father was helping me that night. This guy is ready to hear this message. I can just feel it! I hope he will be there next time! It was a great experience and gave me the confidence I needed. I felt like I can do this! I love them so much already! I have been praying to love this ward and I already do! Love is the key to everything. It is the driving force that leads to action. When we love others we want the best for them and will do anything for them. We do things that we don't normally do so that we can help them. The work is GREAT!

I hope you all have a good week! Love ya! Enjoy the pics :)

Sister K

My Old District
Genghis Khan Memorial

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Picture for Zone Conference
Well it has been a great week! Transfers are actually going to be this week so I will let you know next Monday what happens! I have a feeling that I will finally be leaving Han-Uul area but honestly who knows. haha. I could be here for the next 9 weeks. It’s going to be winter soon. It is already starting to get colder and I think it will start to be winter really soon which makes me a little sad but oh well! It was nice having the sun for a little while at least! But yea like I said it was a good week! Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with Dulguun. He was busy with work, we really aren't sure what to do about him other than just keep trying to meet with him and then hopefully one day he will realize how important this is. As for Enkhbaatar's family they came to church again this Sunday so it was good to see them! The work is going alright right now. I don't really have much to say. My companion got sick so we weren't able to do a whole lot. So this letter might be short. I need to start keeping track of things that happen so i can tell you more things. The lady who we helped with the water has been really busy so right now she isn't too interested. I think once winter hits there will be a lot more people able to meet with us. Right now everyone is in the countryside or at their summer house.

I was reading President Monson’s talk and I love the poem which talked about the man who had a candle and how he came across another man whose candle was out and so he gave him some of his light. Then when times got hard and trials came this man’s way, his light burned out but then came this same man who had given him of his light and he was able to restore his candle to its burning flame. We too must always be prepared to light another’s candle whose light has gone out. We must be doing all that we need to do for when those times come, we will be ready to share what we have. Whether it is our smile, our time, our service, whatever we need to give in order to reignite that flame that burned out. As we do this, our light will continue to shine and continue to burn before those around us and they will see it.

I won't send pictures unless there is time to go to another internet place because the one we are at won’t read my drive. Anyways, you will be sad I didn't send pictures because today I got some really cool pics! My companion and I went to the huge Chiingis Khan statue which is in Nalaikh, the closest we can get to what the countryside is and guess what we did before we went to this giant statue!!!! I also got to hold a golden eagle, an eagle owl, and a vulture, and I got to sit on a camel!!!! It was so awesome! It didn't even cost that much because I can speak Mongolian and was just talking to the guy that owns them and he was impressed that I spoke so well and so he only made me pay 4000 toigrogs which is about 2 dollars in American money! It was so nice of him. It seriously made my day! It was the best pday I’ve had by far! When I go back and you guys come with me, I will take you there. What was even cooler was this guy believed in God and went to a different church and so we asked him if he would be interested in hearing about our church and sitting in a lesson and he said yes! So we passed him to the Nalaikh elders to meet with. It was a good and fun pday :) Hopefully if not today, I will send you the pics next week :)) This was just a reminder to me that there are little moments that we can always take an advantage to share the gospel because you never know who is interested! We just need to open our mouths and invite.

Have a good week!
Picture Taken at the Beginning of Spring
Another Picture Taken Earlier

Sister Kerby

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 8, 2016


Well not much really happened this week. As I mentioned before, the work is going well and I am enjoying serving in Han-Uul. Enkhbaatar and his family are doing okay, we have been able to stop by and talk to them for a little bit but we haven't been able to meet twice a week like we planned. We will still visit when we can and try to meet with them but I honestly don't think they are ready right now and that’s okay. The fact that they still meet with us when they can is great! They are just busy with work and have different things going on. When this becomes more of a priority for them it will happen. Right now it’s in God's hands. They are doing good though and I’m excited to meet with them when they are free. The new family that got baptized is of course doing great! They want us to come over like every day. haha. They are awesome, golden members. It has been fun seeing them, they still have that bright look and happiness around them and its great seeing them! They have great ward support and continue to do well. As for the RM's family we haven’t had much luck unfortunately but we keep trying! We call almost every day to see if we can meet, probably annoying but oh well. If he really wanted to he could tell us no. I talked to his wife and she has said that he is just busy with work and when he comes home he is tired and doesn't want to meet. However he does enjoy meeting with the missionaries. The desire is there we just have to keep tying! Eventually we will meet with him and then we just have to keep it up and keep working with him each week and he will be good. It’s always getting in the door that’s the hardest. Which is funny because everyone in Mongolia is welcoming and even if they don't know you they will invite you in. haha

Any ways my companion and I are doing well. My companion is a great missionary and she works well. I love her despite her sometimes craziness. haha

So... now for the crazy weird interesting story for this week..... you guys won't believe what happened to me. I am still shocked that it did. Any ways so Sister Ariuntungalag and I go to teach one of our lessons to our investigator, and while we are sitting on her couch something gets in my eye and it really hurts and I can't get it out. My companion can’t see it but our investigator apparently sees something. Then my companion and her are talking and she tells my companion something but then my companion tells her to do it. Our investigator comes over and sits in front of me and tells me not to move or close my eyes. I’m not really sure what is going on at this point. I didn't understand everything that she said. Anyways I thought she was going to use her hand to get it out or something but no... she grabs my eye lid, I think she is just looking for it but NO she goes and LICKS my eyeball!!!!! I kid you not, this happened. I had someone lick my eyeball. It was so weird and I was so shocked. I couldn't believe that just happened... The best part is that she didn't even get whatever was hurting out... but I told her it was fine because there was no way I was letting her do that again. haha but yea that was fun.... Never thought in a million years that would ever happen, haha ah man... gotta love the mission and experiences like this. Here I thought I had seen a little of things and witnessed some weird stuff but apparently I haven't seen it all! haha yay

Well that is about all for today....

Love you and have a good week,
Sister Kerby

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1, 2016

This has been a great week! I have been out almost a year on my mission and I feel like I am just now beginning to understand what it means to be a missionary and the joy that comes from being in the service of God. I know it seems like it has been a rollercoaster for me while being here and it is true. It has been a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs, but I am just beginning to realize how much I truly do love it here. I am finally starting to love the ward I am serving in and I am truly beginning to love the people that I am serving. Before, I talked about how I wanted to leave this ward because I have been here so long and want to serve somewhere else, but as I was teaching and meeting investigators and members this week, I realized how much I truly don't want to leave this ward. I have been blessed to serve in this ward as long as I have and I don't want to leave. I would be happy to stay here the rest of my mission. Now in saying that, I am sure that this transfer I will probably be transferred. haha. Isn't that how it works? But I won't be surprised if I am and that makes me sad. This week I was able to have a really great experience. The one family I was teaching, the Enhbaatar's family, I was able to meet with them this week. Sister Ruu and I were teaching them but then we switched wards and so I couldn't meet them anymore. Then the other sisters met with them but then they stopped meeting with them. Then I moved back into their area because I cover both wards now and I tried calling them but they never picked up. A member told us that they weren't interested anymore and that every time they saw our phone number they would ignore it and not want to pick up. Me being me though was like heck no, I am going to teach this family so I kept calling and kept trying and a couple of times we just stopped by their house but they were never there. This week however we just straight went to their home and they were there! They were surprised to see me and didn't know I was back in the area. They welcomed us in their house and we were able to set up an appointment and I was able to tell them how much I missed them and they were really happy that I was back to teach them. We decided that we would try to meet with them at least twice a week and would re set their baptismal date and they agreed to it! I am so happy for this family, I loved them and I am so glad to be able to teach them again. I know that I was supposed to be serving in this area. Before I couldn't quite understand why I have been here for so long but now I am starting to see a piece of heavenly fathers plan and how he uses us all to accomplish his purposes.
Earlier picture of  Kristin's area
 Most of the time we have no idea and can’t understand all that he does, but we can trust that he knows and that everything will work out how it needs to. Sometimes we just need to stay faithful and true to who we are and what we have been called to do and stay strong and keep working hard and diligent and the lord will bless us. Maybe not in the way we expect or how we want but it will be exactly what we need. :) And sometimes we will have mountains in our life that no matter how much faith we have or how hard we try, they can't be moved. Sometimes I think this is because Heavenly Father wants us to climb this mountain because the experiences we have on the way up will be exactly what we need to help us become who we need to be. And just
think when we get to the top of that mountain, how much sweeter it will taste to us because of all that we went through to get there and it will be much better than if we just had the faith and it was moved just like that. Sometimes we need to go through the hard times in order to recognize the joy afterwards and be able to see the difference that happened. I am truly thankful for all the experiences I have had while climbing this mountain called a mission. I have learned a lot and am thankful for it. I know at the end of my mission when I reach the top, I will be able to look down and see how far I have come. I know the same goes for everyone. When you get to the top of each journey you have had in this life you will be able to look back and see all that you have learned. And when we reach the top of the mountain of this life we will look down and see how much we have changed and we will have a better understanding then of why some things happened then we do now. Sometimes as we are climbing up the mountain we can't see the entire picture. We can't see the top because it is still quite a ways ahead and when we look down we just see the rocks and bumps and how hard it was to get to the spot we are in the moment. Sometimes we have to wait until we get to the top where our perspective will be changed and we will then be able to see the greatness that has come to pass from our journey we had trodden.
One of the Mountains she has already climbed. :o)
We have been given a great gift in this life. We have been given the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How do we use that knowledge we have been given and how often do we express gratitude for this great gift? Even though this life is not always easy, we have been given this great gift to help us overcome any challenges we face. This gospel will help us reach the top of any mountain we have to overcome. What a great blessing that is! And along our journey we must also help others reach the tops of their mountains. We are all in this together and must help one another get to the top and taste of the sweetness, for how much better will it be if we have others to share in this great joy with.

I hope that you all have a good week and that you are able to do all the things that you need to.

Love, Sister Kerby

So we saw this cute puppy in our area one day! 

We had a fly problem in our apartment so we had to buy one of these... it was awful..

Oh my goodness then we saw this huge monster of a bug outside of our
apartment building! It was nasty!!!! They do have creepy bugs in Mongolia!!