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August 22, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Picture for Zone Conference
Well it has been a great week! Transfers are actually going to be this week so I will let you know next Monday what happens! I have a feeling that I will finally be leaving Han-Uul area but honestly who knows. haha. I could be here for the next 9 weeks. It’s going to be winter soon. It is already starting to get colder and I think it will start to be winter really soon which makes me a little sad but oh well! It was nice having the sun for a little while at least! But yea like I said it was a good week! Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with Dulguun. He was busy with work, we really aren't sure what to do about him other than just keep trying to meet with him and then hopefully one day he will realize how important this is. As for Enkhbaatar's family they came to church again this Sunday so it was good to see them! The work is going alright right now. I don't really have much to say. My companion got sick so we weren't able to do a whole lot. So this letter might be short. I need to start keeping track of things that happen so i can tell you more things. The lady who we helped with the water has been really busy so right now she isn't too interested. I think once winter hits there will be a lot more people able to meet with us. Right now everyone is in the countryside or at their summer house.

I was reading President Monson’s talk and I love the poem which talked about the man who had a candle and how he came across another man whose candle was out and so he gave him some of his light. Then when times got hard and trials came this man’s way, his light burned out but then came this same man who had given him of his light and he was able to restore his candle to its burning flame. We too must always be prepared to light another’s candle whose light has gone out. We must be doing all that we need to do for when those times come, we will be ready to share what we have. Whether it is our smile, our time, our service, whatever we need to give in order to reignite that flame that burned out. As we do this, our light will continue to shine and continue to burn before those around us and they will see it.

I won't send pictures unless there is time to go to another internet place because the one we are at won’t read my drive. Anyways, you will be sad I didn't send pictures because today I got some really cool pics! My companion and I went to the huge Chiingis Khan statue which is in Nalaikh, the closest we can get to what the countryside is and guess what we did before we went to this giant statue!!!! I also got to hold a golden eagle, an eagle owl, and a vulture, and I got to sit on a camel!!!! It was so awesome! It didn't even cost that much because I can speak Mongolian and was just talking to the guy that owns them and he was impressed that I spoke so well and so he only made me pay 4000 toigrogs which is about 2 dollars in American money! It was so nice of him. It seriously made my day! It was the best pday I’ve had by far! When I go back and you guys come with me, I will take you there. What was even cooler was this guy believed in God and went to a different church and so we asked him if he would be interested in hearing about our church and sitting in a lesson and he said yes! So we passed him to the Nalaikh elders to meet with. It was a good and fun pday :) Hopefully if not today, I will send you the pics next week :)) This was just a reminder to me that there are little moments that we can always take an advantage to share the gospel because you never know who is interested! We just need to open our mouths and invite.

Have a good week!
Picture Taken at the Beginning of Spring
Another Picture Taken Earlier

Sister Kerby

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