Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 25, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Gathering for Womens Geneal Conference
This week has been pretty good! Transfers come out tonight and so I will find out what will be happening for this next transfer soon. It is crazy to think that it has already been 9 weeks! This transfer went by so fast! I can't believe I have been with Sister Austin this long already. It’s been good though, I feel like we have been able to accomplish a lot and it has definitely been a growing opportunity for me! I have been able to learn a lot about who I am and who I want to be and I have learned about what it means to be a leader and how I totally agree with a talk given last general conference or a few general conferences ago where they said that the greatest leaders are the greatest followers for sometimes before we can lead we must follow. Jesus Christ truly is our greatest example in all things. He was the greatest follower and he became the greatest leader. He followed His Fathers will in all things and through his example we must follow him to become a leader. I thought a lot about the Saviors example and how one of His greatest attributes is Charity. I was thinking that this is an attribute that I want to strive better at developing because like how the Savior was a servant, I also desire to be a better servant. It’s not an easy thing. We just keep trying and little by little we are able to develop these. Not much really happened this week other than school and meeting with some great people :) we have had some good meetings and have found a couple of new investigators. Not for our area. haha but we found some investigators for some other missionaries :) but yea it’s been a good week and we are keeping busy while at the same time having fun and enjoying it :)

Earlier picture
So it was my companion’s birthday on Sunday and we went to a return missionaries house because he invited us over and he lives with his parents who are not members and so we met up with them and they fed us soooo much! and his mom is vegetarian. She had vegetables and fruit! It was so good and made me so happy :) haha. So yea it was her birthday so Saruul got her a frame with her last name written in Mongolian script! and he gave her this one bone game that he made which was really cool! then he comes back and he’s like I just had to get one for you too since you’re her companion so he gave me a frame with Kerby written in Mongolian script! so cool! and he gave me the
bone game as well. It was so sweet of him to do that! So yea that was really nice.

Then last Tuesday for pday we were with sister Kofoed and sister Wilcox and we decided to go to a museum and as we were trying to find it this guy approaches us and asks us if we need help. He speaks really good English and so we let him help us. He goes on to tell us that he is a fighter and famous nonetheless which we are just like sure you are... but after being with him awhile he takes us to this cool Buddhist museum with the Buddhist temples and shows us around and when we enter in, this lady looks at him and in Mongolian is saying how he looked so familiar and that she wasn't sure it was him at first and then she asks to take a picture with him! haha we were just like no way... so yea turns out he is famous and has been in a couple of Mongolian movies and owns a gym where he trains people how to fight. So yea that was pretty cool! So this famous guy spent about 3 hours with us giving a tour of the Buddhist museum which was supposed to close but the kept it open an hour later than usual for us. Then he took us another place which had a map of Mongolia and he basically told us the history of Mongolia, It was so fascinating and so much fun. haha

Today for pday we are going to this dance stadium place where they have traditional Mongolian dancing so we got permission to do that tonight! That should be fun. Wish I could send some pics but we all know what happens when I do that... haha.

Also, Bat Erdene one of our investigators who is awesome but works too much! I called him last week to see how he was doing and he said he was great. He said that his rest day might be Sunday and that if it was he would call us. So Sunday afternoon as we are heading out to church we get a call from him and he’s like hey today was my rest day so what time does church start so we told him when it started and he came! Our first investigator to come to church. it was a great feeling :) haha I know it’s nothing big but coming here to this area and literally having no investigators but being able to find people like this has been a great blessing and even though he is busy and works a lot, it is still cool that he will call us and come to church because he is that interested. You don't find people like that all the time so it was great.

School is still going great. We are using the BYU lessons that I helped create over the summer and they are working so well! The students enjoy them and they are so convenient to teach from its really great! Sister Austin doesn't use the BYU lessons because she is working at an English Lab so she basically just helps students with work they need to do and pronunciation and some conversational things so it’s really different from what I do. She enjoys it though. Most Mongolians if they have the opportunity do go to college. It’s kind of like America in that regard.

Picture from an earlier P day.
Regarding the weather... it is freezing! :( It’s officially winter and snowing. It’s cold but I survived it once and I hope to do it again :)

Well that’s about it for this week!

Love Sister Kerby

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 18, 2016

Mission Conference
Hello everyone,

Hope that everyone has been able to have a good week, if not then make sure you make this one better :) For anyone feeling stressed out or having a lot on their plate right now please take time to step back from it all and do something FUN! haha trust me it helps and makes things so much better. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the many things that we have to do but let’s be honest there will always be little things that we have to do or need to get done but remember to just slow down and enjoy the ride :)

So this week was pretty good. Not much to really report on. We have a lot of potential investigators that keep popping up. Sometimes they lead somewhere and other times they don’t, but that’s just missionary work. It’s exciting when it does lead somewhere though. It is actually a great opportunity being able to introduce the gospel to them for the first time so even if nothing happens, a seed is being planted and Heavenly Father was giving them a chance to be able to hear the gospel and then they had their agency and were able to choose whether or not to accept it. So yea I think a lot of seed planting has been happening this transfer which I am actually becoming okay with. That is more than some people get to do. We actually get to meet a lot of new people each day and to be even able to teach them the first lesson and introduce it is a great opportunity. Before I would get sad and disappointed whenever it didn't work out the way I wanted it to but even though I am sad about it, I don't get discouraged anymore. I just keep trying and wait for the time where it actually does work out and they are prepared to hear our message:) It truly is a great work!
Choir Practice for conference

So yea, we still haven't been able to meet with Bat Erdene. Most Mongolians work long days and they work every day. He is an electrical engineer. Not sure exactly what he does at his job each day. I just know that he is an engineer for some place. Most people I’m not quite sure why they work so much. I never really asked why the hours are so long. But they definitely work more than the 40 hours a week and sometimes their job is just far away so it takes travel time as well which is why we are like never able to meet.

I’m not sure why they stopped having us go to the secondary school to teach. We do have a couple of more classes but it’s basically the same. We are not teaching the teachers anymore. We are just teaching students. It’s been fun.

It’s getting colder here :( I pulled out my thick tights again and boots. Goodbye fall hello winter:( haha. But it’s not too bad I guess. I’m staying warm so that’s good :)

Well I hope that you have a good week!

Love, Sister Kerby

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 11. 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Picture from a couple of P Days.
Kristin's SD Card got a virus so not
many other pictures from her anymore
Yet another week has come and gone. It was another good week and I am feeling a whole lot better this week. My cold is better and so is my stomach. For the most part I haven't eaten too much... Although the appointment we had last night was interesting. haha. We were visiting a potential investigator last night named Narandelger. It was an interesting but good lesson. Before we started she ended up going next door and grabbing some food from her mother who lives there to give to us. It was horse meat with potatoes and some flour thing. Horse meat is pretty good but then she told us to try this one part of it that she said was her favorite. After eating it I was like umm what was that? Because it tasted gross and was like dang, what did I just eat. haha. Apparently it was horse intestines... yay for that experience. My poor companion ate more of it then I did. hahaha. But she’s new and did fine :) don't worry I’m watching out for her. In fact after we left to get home it was dark and as we were walking a drunk man approached us and was messing with us. Probably the first time on my mission where I was seconds from punching someone but I didn’t. Just know we were okay and nothing happened that we couldn't handle. It happens and so I knew how to handle the situation. We were okay, and were being watched over. Then to make the night even better as we were walking home, we were walking under some trees and there were a lot of birds that were being loud and so I looked up and luckily I looked back down because I kid you not, seconds later I felt something wet hit my head... Yes. I got pooped on.... My night just kept getting better and better. But yea that was our adventure for this week.... haha. On the bright side we got a new investigator from that so that was awesome. I feel like we are finding these great people but they are so busy with work that it’s hard to meet with them. Like Bat-Erdene for example started work again and he is so busy and doesn't get home till like 9. But even though we may not meet with them a lot I do feel like we are planting a lot of seeds in this area and one day I do think something will come from that. He came from the countryside but not the far countryside. He is only about 3 hours from the city so it’s not too far so he luckily doesn't have one of those weird accents that I’ve come into contact with before. haha. I’m just trying to have a good attitude about it all and know that I’m doing my best and that it will all work out according to what the Lord has in mind. But Sister Austin and I are doing our best so that is what matters and we will and we have seen many blessings from it. Well everything else seems to be going good. Students are good and I love teaching them. I continue to work on having a positive attitude and most importantly not think about myself but to really look beyond the mirror and see those around me. I think I have been so focused on my problems and different things that are going on that I’m only looking at myself but I have been able to see other sisters having a hard time and so I have reached out to them and it makes me feel so much better. It is so important to look beyond yourself and to focus on others. That is where we can find true happiness, being in the service of our fellow brothers and sisters. I have found that I am so much happier when I’m helping someone else and so I am trying to do more of that and look for more opportunities for how I can do so. But yea it’s been a good week.
I invite you to reach out to those around you this week and to see opportunities for where you can help someone in need. Even if it’s in the smallest way. Serve each other. Serve a neighbor; Serve a spouse a sibling, a friend, a coworker. Look for a way you can help someone else and I promise it will make your day better. There is nothing like looking beyond the mirror and seeing someone in need and going to their aid.

Love you,
Sister Kerby

      Example of what the virus has done to 
                    Kristin's pictures :o(

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 4, 2016


Our P Day spent at the Genghis Khan Monument
This week was truly a blessing, we have a new investigator who is truly awesome and has been prepared by the lord. He was a referral from some other sisters who told us he had come to church that week and then wanted to meet with the missionaries. Ended up he was in our area and so the sisters gave him to us. His name is Bat-Erdene. He is 21 years old and is in the city for work now. He told me how he used to go to church when he was little and went for about 5 years and wanted to get baptized but because he was young he needed permission and his parents wouldn't give it. So now he is grown up in the city now (was from the country) and is working and wants to become a member. We have met with him two times and just finished teaching the first lesson this past time. During the last lesson, at the end, I extended to him the baptismal invitation which he has accepted :) The spirit was really strong during that lesson and it just felt right. So I said it and he said yes :) We are planning to help him work towards baptism for the 20th of November. We have had such great lessons with him and I am truly excited for him to continue to progress like he is! We are meeting with him tonight and will teach him the plan of salvation so that will be another great lesson. The Lord truly does work in his own timetable and I am slowly beginning to understand what that means. We need to learn to accept his own timetable and stop working according to our own desires of when we want things to happen. The Lord will do it His way and His time and in the end it will turn out to be the best way possible. Sometimes it is easy to forget that, but the Lord is definitely helping me learn this lesson this transfer. We have also been able to meet with our new members and less actives this week and it has been a good week. They are doing well and I am truly coming to love them.

 P Day
This mission really has been a huge blessing for me and has changed my life. Even though that may sound cliché and most missionaries say that but it is true. I wouldn't be able to be where I am today if it wasn't for this mission. Maybe I would have been able to get here but definitely not as soon as I did by being here. The lord has strengthened me and shaped me into a better person. The mission is definitely worth going through all the difficult times but I guess that the same can be said for life as well. Life is hard no question about it, but in the end it is worth it. We will be blessed beyond our understanding as we continue on this path. And despite the hard times we face we will be able to find strength in the Lord. He will help us overcome any struggle that we face. I have gained a strong testimony of that! I am happy to have been able to serve here. I have gained a stronger testimony and have come to love the culture and people here and they help make all these hard times worth it. We will always have good days and bad days, they just come with life but those bad days just make the good days we have so much better! But it’s also how you decide to deal with those bad days that make the difference as well. How we choose to react in the circumstances we have been given can either make or break us. The easiest and best choice will always be to react with a positive attitude which of course is easier said than done but it is also in the end, the best and easiest way. Because if we have a good attitude then we can get through those hard days and if we look for the blessings in life then in the end we will be so much happier. And eventually things will be better but until that time in order to be happy we must choose it. We have a choice. We can choose to be happy. And then remember that it’s in the Lords hands. This whole plan that was created for us and the whole reason we are here, all began with a choice. The fact we have the fullness of the gospel on the earth today began with a choice by a young man who chose to pray. The choices we make affect future generations. Our choices affect our families and those around us. So choose this day to be happy. That is my goal for these coming weeks and encourage
you all to make similar goals. :)

I started school and its going great! The students are awesome this year and so it will be a good year teaching wise. I enjoy it and look forward to seeing my students. With Sister Nelson and I understanding Mongolian now we are able to understand our students better. They know we understand but we won't really speak to them in Mongolian because in order for them to learn English they need to speak it all the time so if they get used to us translating in Mongolian it won’t help them as much so we decided not to speak it.
I hope that you have a good week! Love you all and until next week!

Love Sister Kerby