Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 11. 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Picture from a couple of P Days.
Kristin's SD Card got a virus so not
many other pictures from her anymore
Yet another week has come and gone. It was another good week and I am feeling a whole lot better this week. My cold is better and so is my stomach. For the most part I haven't eaten too much... Although the appointment we had last night was interesting. haha. We were visiting a potential investigator last night named Narandelger. It was an interesting but good lesson. Before we started she ended up going next door and grabbing some food from her mother who lives there to give to us. It was horse meat with potatoes and some flour thing. Horse meat is pretty good but then she told us to try this one part of it that she said was her favorite. After eating it I was like umm what was that? Because it tasted gross and was like dang, what did I just eat. haha. Apparently it was horse intestines... yay for that experience. My poor companion ate more of it then I did. hahaha. But she’s new and did fine :) don't worry I’m watching out for her. In fact after we left to get home it was dark and as we were walking a drunk man approached us and was messing with us. Probably the first time on my mission where I was seconds from punching someone but I didn’t. Just know we were okay and nothing happened that we couldn't handle. It happens and so I knew how to handle the situation. We were okay, and were being watched over. Then to make the night even better as we were walking home, we were walking under some trees and there were a lot of birds that were being loud and so I looked up and luckily I looked back down because I kid you not, seconds later I felt something wet hit my head... Yes. I got pooped on.... My night just kept getting better and better. But yea that was our adventure for this week.... haha. On the bright side we got a new investigator from that so that was awesome. I feel like we are finding these great people but they are so busy with work that it’s hard to meet with them. Like Bat-Erdene for example started work again and he is so busy and doesn't get home till like 9. But even though we may not meet with them a lot I do feel like we are planting a lot of seeds in this area and one day I do think something will come from that. He came from the countryside but not the far countryside. He is only about 3 hours from the city so it’s not too far so he luckily doesn't have one of those weird accents that I’ve come into contact with before. haha. I’m just trying to have a good attitude about it all and know that I’m doing my best and that it will all work out according to what the Lord has in mind. But Sister Austin and I are doing our best so that is what matters and we will and we have seen many blessings from it. Well everything else seems to be going good. Students are good and I love teaching them. I continue to work on having a positive attitude and most importantly not think about myself but to really look beyond the mirror and see those around me. I think I have been so focused on my problems and different things that are going on that I’m only looking at myself but I have been able to see other sisters having a hard time and so I have reached out to them and it makes me feel so much better. It is so important to look beyond yourself and to focus on others. That is where we can find true happiness, being in the service of our fellow brothers and sisters. I have found that I am so much happier when I’m helping someone else and so I am trying to do more of that and look for more opportunities for how I can do so. But yea it’s been a good week.
I invite you to reach out to those around you this week and to see opportunities for where you can help someone in need. Even if it’s in the smallest way. Serve each other. Serve a neighbor; Serve a spouse a sibling, a friend, a coworker. Look for a way you can help someone else and I promise it will make your day better. There is nothing like looking beyond the mirror and seeing someone in need and going to their aid.

Love you,
Sister Kerby

      Example of what the virus has done to 
                    Kristin's pictures :o(

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