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October 25, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Gathering for Womens Geneal Conference
This week has been pretty good! Transfers come out tonight and so I will find out what will be happening for this next transfer soon. It is crazy to think that it has already been 9 weeks! This transfer went by so fast! I can't believe I have been with Sister Austin this long already. It’s been good though, I feel like we have been able to accomplish a lot and it has definitely been a growing opportunity for me! I have been able to learn a lot about who I am and who I want to be and I have learned about what it means to be a leader and how I totally agree with a talk given last general conference or a few general conferences ago where they said that the greatest leaders are the greatest followers for sometimes before we can lead we must follow. Jesus Christ truly is our greatest example in all things. He was the greatest follower and he became the greatest leader. He followed His Fathers will in all things and through his example we must follow him to become a leader. I thought a lot about the Saviors example and how one of His greatest attributes is Charity. I was thinking that this is an attribute that I want to strive better at developing because like how the Savior was a servant, I also desire to be a better servant. It’s not an easy thing. We just keep trying and little by little we are able to develop these. Not much really happened this week other than school and meeting with some great people :) we have had some good meetings and have found a couple of new investigators. Not for our area. haha but we found some investigators for some other missionaries :) but yea it’s been a good week and we are keeping busy while at the same time having fun and enjoying it :)

Earlier picture
So it was my companion’s birthday on Sunday and we went to a return missionaries house because he invited us over and he lives with his parents who are not members and so we met up with them and they fed us soooo much! and his mom is vegetarian. She had vegetables and fruit! It was so good and made me so happy :) haha. So yea it was her birthday so Saruul got her a frame with her last name written in Mongolian script! and he gave her this one bone game that he made which was really cool! then he comes back and he’s like I just had to get one for you too since you’re her companion so he gave me a frame with Kerby written in Mongolian script! so cool! and he gave me the
bone game as well. It was so sweet of him to do that! So yea that was really nice.

Then last Tuesday for pday we were with sister Kofoed and sister Wilcox and we decided to go to a museum and as we were trying to find it this guy approaches us and asks us if we need help. He speaks really good English and so we let him help us. He goes on to tell us that he is a fighter and famous nonetheless which we are just like sure you are... but after being with him awhile he takes us to this cool Buddhist museum with the Buddhist temples and shows us around and when we enter in, this lady looks at him and in Mongolian is saying how he looked so familiar and that she wasn't sure it was him at first and then she asks to take a picture with him! haha we were just like no way... so yea turns out he is famous and has been in a couple of Mongolian movies and owns a gym where he trains people how to fight. So yea that was pretty cool! So this famous guy spent about 3 hours with us giving a tour of the Buddhist museum which was supposed to close but the kept it open an hour later than usual for us. Then he took us another place which had a map of Mongolia and he basically told us the history of Mongolia, It was so fascinating and so much fun. haha

Today for pday we are going to this dance stadium place where they have traditional Mongolian dancing so we got permission to do that tonight! That should be fun. Wish I could send some pics but we all know what happens when I do that... haha.

Also, Bat Erdene one of our investigators who is awesome but works too much! I called him last week to see how he was doing and he said he was great. He said that his rest day might be Sunday and that if it was he would call us. So Sunday afternoon as we are heading out to church we get a call from him and he’s like hey today was my rest day so what time does church start so we told him when it started and he came! Our first investigator to come to church. it was a great feeling :) haha I know it’s nothing big but coming here to this area and literally having no investigators but being able to find people like this has been a great blessing and even though he is busy and works a lot, it is still cool that he will call us and come to church because he is that interested. You don't find people like that all the time so it was great.

School is still going great. We are using the BYU lessons that I helped create over the summer and they are working so well! The students enjoy them and they are so convenient to teach from its really great! Sister Austin doesn't use the BYU lessons because she is working at an English Lab so she basically just helps students with work they need to do and pronunciation and some conversational things so it’s really different from what I do. She enjoys it though. Most Mongolians if they have the opportunity do go to college. It’s kind of like America in that regard.

Picture from an earlier P day.
Regarding the weather... it is freezing! :( It’s officially winter and snowing. It’s cold but I survived it once and I hope to do it again :)

Well that’s about it for this week!

Love Sister Kerby

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