Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 8, 2016


Well not much really happened this week. As I mentioned before, the work is going well and I am enjoying serving in Han-Uul. Enkhbaatar and his family are doing okay, we have been able to stop by and talk to them for a little bit but we haven't been able to meet twice a week like we planned. We will still visit when we can and try to meet with them but I honestly don't think they are ready right now and that’s okay. The fact that they still meet with us when they can is great! They are just busy with work and have different things going on. When this becomes more of a priority for them it will happen. Right now it’s in God's hands. They are doing good though and I’m excited to meet with them when they are free. The new family that got baptized is of course doing great! They want us to come over like every day. haha. They are awesome, golden members. It has been fun seeing them, they still have that bright look and happiness around them and its great seeing them! They have great ward support and continue to do well. As for the RM's family we haven’t had much luck unfortunately but we keep trying! We call almost every day to see if we can meet, probably annoying but oh well. If he really wanted to he could tell us no. I talked to his wife and she has said that he is just busy with work and when he comes home he is tired and doesn't want to meet. However he does enjoy meeting with the missionaries. The desire is there we just have to keep tying! Eventually we will meet with him and then we just have to keep it up and keep working with him each week and he will be good. It’s always getting in the door that’s the hardest. Which is funny because everyone in Mongolia is welcoming and even if they don't know you they will invite you in. haha

Any ways my companion and I are doing well. My companion is a great missionary and she works well. I love her despite her sometimes craziness. haha

So... now for the crazy weird interesting story for this week..... you guys won't believe what happened to me. I am still shocked that it did. Any ways so Sister Ariuntungalag and I go to teach one of our lessons to our investigator, and while we are sitting on her couch something gets in my eye and it really hurts and I can't get it out. My companion can’t see it but our investigator apparently sees something. Then my companion and her are talking and she tells my companion something but then my companion tells her to do it. Our investigator comes over and sits in front of me and tells me not to move or close my eyes. I’m not really sure what is going on at this point. I didn't understand everything that she said. Anyways I thought she was going to use her hand to get it out or something but no... she grabs my eye lid, I think she is just looking for it but NO she goes and LICKS my eyeball!!!!! I kid you not, this happened. I had someone lick my eyeball. It was so weird and I was so shocked. I couldn't believe that just happened... The best part is that she didn't even get whatever was hurting out... but I told her it was fine because there was no way I was letting her do that again. haha but yea that was fun.... Never thought in a million years that would ever happen, haha ah man... gotta love the mission and experiences like this. Here I thought I had seen a little of things and witnessed some weird stuff but apparently I haven't seen it all! haha yay

Well that is about all for today....

Love you and have a good week,
Sister Kerby

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