Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone has been able to have a good week! This week was really good for me. The family of three we have been teaching will be getting baptized this Saturday at 6:30pm :) I am so excited for them. They have such strong testimonies and have born their testimonies a couple of times about how ever since they came into this Church they have been able to see the changes that it has made in their life and I just think that is so cool that they are able to recognize those changes and to see the great effect that it is making in their lives at this moment. They are so much happier and you see a difference in them. They have this great countenance about them and it is so amazing being able to see that change. I think being a missionary is one of the most amazing things because you get to see firsthand the miracles that come to people’s lives through living this gospel and you are able to see the Atonement also play a part in their lives and to see the change that is able to come to them through the Atonement. I still don't understand the Atonement perfectly myself but throughout my mission I can say that little by little my testimony has grown and that I know of the great power that the Atonement holds and what it can do for us. It is truly the greatest gift we have been given.

As my mission comes to a close I am recognizing more and more little things that just make me so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I have met some amazing people here. Yesterday night we met with one of our less active families and Sister Nelson and I were together for it since our companions were teaching English together so we were companions for the day so it was her first time visiting with the family and as we began we had their 7 year old daughter Baysgalan say the opening prayer and while she was praying she said my name and asked that Heavenly Father would bless me and my family and to keep me safe and bless me with health and then thanked Heavenly Father for sending the missionaries to them so that we could meet with them. It was the sweetest prayer and so simple but it meant the world to me. To have this cute little girl praying for me was just amazing to me. It made me so grateful to be serving here and to have been able to have met her and her family. It made me realize that we truly are doing a great work here and that we do have a purpose. These little moments are what have made me so happy and realized how lucky I am to be serving in Mongolia and being able to understand the people here.

So the other week I was able to go out with the Baganuur sisters and that was so much fun! It’s the farthest out that I have been able to go from the city. The only thing out there that makes it different from the city is that there are no huge buildings. It’s like as if you went out into the suburb area back home. Also there is a lot less pollution out in Baganuur which was nice. So yea that was fun. We also saw some cool ice sculptures there. They had sculptures of the 12 months of the year where like horoscopes figures. They also had a cool slide there of ice that I went down. It was a great couple of days and it was fun being with a Mongolian companion again :) It’s been really fun having the chance to be an STL. I have learned so much from these sisters. They just all have these different qualities and talents and they all work really hard to do the best that they can and its really cool being able to work with them.

Solongo's mom got baptized. It was the most perfect baptism I have ever been to, just because it was so cool to see my trainers mom be baptized and to see how Solongo finally has a member of her immediate family that can be there with her and I just now see them with that opportunity to go to the temple and to be sealed as a family. They just need to start working on that dad :) It’s so cool though, she is this amazing new member and it has been so cool to witness the miracle of this gospel and the joy that families feel when they are doing it together. I will never forget that! This gospel is so great :)

Love, Sister Kerby

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