Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 13, 2016


Hope everyone is doing well! I hope you were all able to have a good week!

So everyone was asking about my birthday... Well it was going to be a perfect day. We had it all planned out, we were going to do our big plan and then we were going to meet with 2 people in the evening. One of them was with our awesome investigator families and Dulguun was going to show me how to make this Mongolian meal and I was so excited! But did we do any of that... no... :( Instead I had to spend my day in bed because I was really sick. My stomach was really hurting and so we stayed home. I ended up getting a health blessing though from our Doctor and that helped. By the next day I felt a lot better but I wasn't able to eat much at all really. But it’s okay today will be fun. We are planning to go down to our area and go to the mall and then we are going to go bowling! So that will be fun! I haven't bowled in over 9 months! haha I am really excited. I am going with Sister Lichtenberg and Sister Tao and so it will be the four of us.
This was a good week... interesting but good.... This week I was able to find out that I am going to be really awkward when I get home. Why and how do I know that? Well when Tungaa and I were going home from a lesson. We got to the bus stop and ran into this guy and he saw us and he said hi to me and so I said hi back and then he asked where I was from and I said CA and then asked him and he was from Jamaica and then our bus came and we left but then when we got off at our next bus stop we saw him again! It was so weird and he was like hey what are you doing? So we told him and then I asked him why he was in Mongolia. turns out he is a professional football player and then he asked me where I was studying and told him I wasn’t a student but an English teacher since I can't tell people I’m a missionary and he thought that was really cool. He was like so how can I contact you if I want to hang out with you.... so I of course was like well I have a company phone and it isn't a number that I can just give out. I didn't know what to do... I’m like I’m a missionary and this guy is hitting on me. haha. But yea that was fun.

But what was even better was while we were also on the bus that day. We were standing next to this guy who kept looking at us and then a seat opened up and he told me to go sit so I did and then he asked my companion something and she just shook her head and laughed. I asked her what he said and she just told me she would explain later. Come to find out the guy and asked her if she was my daughter! It was so weird! That means he thought I was like 35! Mongolia is aging me you guys like no joke. haha. oh well... but yea those were my two awkward experiences this week!

Then we had our district meeting and Sister Bollwinkel made a cake for me:) It was cute.

Then yesterday I gave two talks. One in the long distance branch where we have to call everyone and then talk on the phone and then one in my own ward. People who live in the real countryside don’t have a church building so in order to have sacrament we call them and then they listen to us. It was interesting and kind of cool though. Elder Toronto from the Seventy came to the khan-uul ward and was their while we gave our talks. then he shared a really great little thought with us. It was really cool and I was able to meet him.

Then my companion since you asked about her is serving in Mongolia so she is an actually missionary. She is my companion for the rest of this transfer. Sister Roo is serving back in her old area Unur. Tungaa came from the countryside to the city. Well this is all I have time for! Have a good week!


Sister Kerby

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