Friday, September 25, 2015

Fourth Week in MTC

Canh Baskino! 

This week has improved greatly!. This week has been an answer to my prayers. Everything has been working out the way that it needs to and it has been great! The language is slowly coming and our lessons have actually improved a lot since they told us we can't use our notes anymore. We basically get to bring some vocab with us, our scriptures and then any pamphlets. It was a little intimidating cause usually we have a whole plan written out with what we will say and how to say it but this has been a great learning experience. It has showed us what we do know and that we have come a long way since the beginning. Our lesson seems to flow better as well since we are not scrambling trying to find out what to say, instead we just listen and do our best to answer questions they may have. You are able to feel the spirit a lot more in our lessons now that we are doing this. This is part of the reason they said no more notes, we are able to let the spirit guide your thoughts and what you need to say. (For any of my friends who have no idea what I am talking about when I say that and have questions just email me and I will be happy to explain that) :) 

We also had our first Teaching Resource Center lesson. We had some return missionaries from Mongolia come down to the MTC that day and we taught them a lesson. It is similar to giving a member a lesson, it is just sharing a lesson we have prepared for them and what we thought they needed to hear. He was really nice as we struggled a little trying to teach him and get him to understand our Mongolian because we don't always know how to pronounce something, haha. but he was great and we had a lot of fun teaching him. At the end of our lesson we actually had a couple of minutes to talk to him. I asked him if we could speak to him in English now and ask a few questions and he was more than happy to. Of course I asked him about the language and when it gets better. He was like do you want the honest answer or the hopeful one and we answered the honest one. He said it takes about a year to feel comfortable with it which makes sense and he gave us some advice. It was comforting to be able to talk to someone who knew exactly what we were going through and could give us some advice about it. We also asked him what he thought about the food.... Let's just say he wasn't thrilled about it. Lol. He told us that it took some getting used to. He said that they like everything sour, especially their milk! He also said that the milk is super chunky... Can't wait to have that, you all know how much I love me some milk! He also told us about the sheep blood soup.... and how for holidays they have the goats head with the hair still on it. So that was cool. Sister B was telling me how her friend who served in Korea said that he went in with the mindset that he will love the food and never once said otherwise and he loved it! I am going to try that and see how that works. I will let you all know in about 10 weeks if it works for me;)

I am definitely loving the warm weather down here! I am trying to soak it all in before I head off to Mongolia. My teacher was saying how it is winter 8 months out of the year. It snows a couple of times in November December, then it pretty much freezes over and it is even too cold to snow again... CANT WAIT. lol She showed us a picture of her in winter and her eyelashes were literally frozen over... Don't worry i will make sure to get a pic of me with my eyelashes frozen so everyone can see! it is alright, I am surviving. No, no one likes the food.

Lastly, we started our first ELC (English Language Center) Training so that has been fun. It is a lot of reading and writing assignments but it has been a nice little break from Mongolian. It has been interesting learning how to teach English and we have even had to plan our own lessons and how we will teach them to our students. We send them to our Mentor and she reviews them and then gives us feedback on it and what was good about it and how we can improve. Lets just say the more I plan these lessons, the more excited I become to teach my kids:) 


Sister Kerby

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