Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fifth Week in MTC



I hope everyone's week has been going well! For me, it has flown by! It is funny how that happens. So this week has been fun! The other day, during class our teacher was awesome and decided to talk to us in English so we could talk about Mongolia. She was just so excited for us and how we have completed our online component of the English Language Center training so she saw how close we are to leaving so she was telling us about her mission experience. She seriously had some of the craziest experiences. A little background info about my teacher. We learned that she was a MMA fighter... haha didn't see that one coming and thought it was super funny. Anyhow back to Mongolia... She was telling us about the dogs there and I quote her when she says, "The dogs are like bears.” She also told us about the time she served in the country areas and how she would have to walk up the mountains cause that is where the people lived. She said it would take them 2 hours to walk up the mountain since you keep falling due to the snow. But she said the best part was coming down because on the side there is usually an ice path that you can slide all the way down to the bottom, you literally step on it and you immediately will fall. She says you have to be careful not to step on it when you are going up because then it will take you down and you have to climb back up the mountain again. It is kinda like the game chutes and ladders when you land on the slide and have to go back down. haha. She also told us that right now there are 50 missionaries serving in Mongolia. About half of them are Native Mongolians and the other half are Americans. Sister B and I thought it was cool because we are hoping that we will be companions again in the field. That would be awesome! 

Sister Largin (our teacher) also brought us some candy to try that they eat in Mongolia. It is Russian candy but they eat it there. It was called KOPOBKA which is this chocolate covered cookie thing. It was yummy but there was another candy that I liked more that tasted like a sugar daddy but had some kind of carmel filling, it was so good. I will have to bring some home with me. I however am not looking forward to that, but apparently you get used to those things. She also told us about the soup they eat and how its this soup with chunks of pure fat in it the size of golf balls.... 

Well this is about everything that has happened this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget about General Conference! I don't know about you but I am super excited! Can't wait to hear from everyone! Love you all!


Sister Kerby

P.S we also got breakfast from the Temple Cafeteria! Best food ever!
First time that I have felt full in weeks!

The sister between sister B and I is actually the one from Mongolia! She left this Wednesday so we had to say goodbye. She makes me so excited to serve there and be able to serve the people! She was the cutest!

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