Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sixth Week in MTC

Missionary life is great! The ELC (English Learner Class) has been going well so far and on Thursday Sister B and I had our lesson planning session so on Tuesday we will have a practice teaching session where we will be teaching our mentor as well as a graduate student. They will be recording us so that we can watch afterwards how we did. This will be interesting. I am looking forward to it. It has been great weather up here as well! A little overcast but it isn't too cold. 

I loved Conference as well. It was such a neat experience being able to watch it in the MTC! My testimony of General Conference has been strengthened this week and I am so thankful for our prophet and the apostles and that through them we are able to learn of God's will for us. I enjoyed it. We actually had the General RS President (Linda K Burton) come speak to us for our devotional and she was amazing. She gave such a great talk! She testified of our apostles and said, "If you had any idea how important we are to the apostles of this Church, we would never do anything wrong." As she has been able to be with these great men, she has seen this. She asked us this question, "Do we appreciate what we have?" I started thinking about this blessing and do we realize how amazing it is that we have a prophet here on Earth today to lead and guide us. He is able to receive revelation from God for all of us so that we may be able to know of God's will and what he desires us to do. We need to be an example and a light to those around us. Something she also said that helped me was, "You may not know everything but you can testify of Him." I am so thankful she shared this message because I sometimes worry about the things I don't know and the inadequacies I at times feel. However, the one thing I know that I can do is that I can testify of Him. I can let people know of our Savior, that he lives, and the sacrifice that He willingly gave because He loves us. This knowledge is what is important. The testimony I have of this gospel, I will gladly share with these people so they may know of the joy I feel each day because of this. We don't need to know everything in order to bear our testimony.

To answer your question regarding the food, there is nothing American that will be over there. Even their fruit is usually old and extremely expensive, like you can buy an apple but it’s like 2 dollars for one and most of the time it has already begun to rot.


Learning how to speak the Mongolian language as well as teach English has been an interesting process. It has been hard, but with the Lords help we have each been able to do it. I have come to learn rather quickly here that trust in the Lord is so important. This isn't something that I can do on my own. No matter how hard I would try, I need His help to be doing what I am now. It will definitely be in the field that I truly begin to develop the ability to speak the language. The MTC is great but it is nothing compared to what I will see in the field. I am so excited though! We just have 3 more weeks and then we will be leaving! It's crazy! In the next week or 2 we will actually be receiving our flight plans! No one speaks English in Mongolia; the teachers said that some of them speak a little bit of English but not a lot. Most people don't have the means to receive that kind of education. The sister that I met here didn't know any English when she came. She was in the MTC for about 4 weeks by the time I arrived so that’s how she was able to communicate with us. 

The more our teachers tell us about Mongolia, the more exciting it gets! All of us are ready to go! 

One last thing, my sponsor actually changed. At the ELC on Thursday Dr. Evans had an email from President Benson that had us matched up with our sponsors and where we will be teaching and the age group. I will now be teaching at a university where I will have students that are 17+. I forgot the paper that has the name of the university. It was like Oxnard or something similar to that. I will let you know next week.

 This is all I have time for, I must go. Know that I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Sister K

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