Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seventh Week in MTC

Anyways, this week has been so great! I can't believe it has been 6 and 1/2 weeks, only 2 weeks left and I will be out of here! I have mixed emotions about that. I am excited, nervous, scared, but I am looking forward to being able to teach the people of Mongolia. I have only heard great things about these people and I can't wait to be able to meet them. The language has been improving and I am feeling a little more comfortable speaking. It is nowhere near perfect however, I know that when I get there, the Lord will help me and through Him I will be able to speak the language. 

It wasn't really until yesterday that I am starting to understand what it means to trust in the Lord. Through my personal study, I was looking at faith and what it means. Faith and Hope as you know go together. Without hope there can be no faith. I was studying in Alma 32 and I love verse I believe 26, don't quote me on it, but it talks about how if we just have that little bit of hope and desire to believe then as we focus on that, we will be able to work on growing that hope. We hope for the blessings that we are promised and then have faith that they will be given to us. The biggest thing is remembering that it is in the Lords timing and when He knows we need it. He knows us so much better than we know ourselves and we need to trust in that. Sister B was telling me about how before she left that someone was talking to her about faith and how people tend to have faith in others and their abilities and know that they will be able to accomplish things but we forget to have that kind of faith in ourself and the things that we can accomplish. I really loved this and it has truly been a learning and growing experience for me and I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given to grow. 

On another note, Sister B and I taught our first lesson on Thursday and it went really well. The students were awesome and we loved being able to teach them. We taught for 65 minutes and basically the lesson they told us to use was a magazine article that was from their book. It was hard trying to turn that into a lesson but we were able to figure out how to relate everything and make it fun so that they could learn. It was a neat experience. We taught in their classroom and It was nice having it just be us and the students. They also recorded us so we were able to watch the video afterwards and see how we did and give ourselves our own feedback and what we could do better. It was interesting watching ourselves and how awkward we were in the beginning but as we got into the lesson we improved and everything went smoothly. 

We also had our first TRC Skype on Wednesday so we skyped with some members which was fun. We had to teach a 40 minute lesson and we decided to speak on enduring to the end. It went really well. Some of them were actual people from Mongolia but the member we taught wasn't. He ended up being a return missionary but it was great nonetheless. He was super cool and fun to teach. Maybe next time we will have one of the Mongolian Members to teach. 


Largin эгч  our teacher brought in some of her hats that she brought from Mongolia so we were able to try them on and take some pics as you will see. They were so soft and warm! Higgs also showed us some videos and pics from his mission. In mongolia they have these huge ice sculptures and one of them is this giant slide, made entirely out of ice and we watched him slide down it. It was so cool! I really can't wait. Everytime they talk about their missions and show us pics gets me so anxious to leave! I can't wait! 

Until next week!

таны номлагч,
кэрбий эгч

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