Friday, January 15, 2016

January 11, 2016

This week has been great! Our investigators are improving so much! Otgondelger was telling us how she is starting to feel like the church is true! She has been reading the Book of Mormon an has read it from the beginning and she is now in Mosiah! We are planning her baptism for the 22nd of January so I pray she continues to prepare and keep the commitments we extend! It is so exciting!

Tuguldor also has come a long way! We met with
him on Saturday and he was telling us about how
he is reading the Book of Mormon as well. We only asked him to read 1 Ne 2 but he read all the way until 1 Ne 13! When we asked him about what he read to check his understanding of the scriptures he understood it pretty perferctly! He told us all about  Laman and Lemuel and Laban and Nephi and it was so neat being able to listen to him speak about what he learned and what he understood! Later he even asked and talked a little about the tree of life and had some questions regarding some of the things he read. He was so curious and had such a strong desire to learn! We were teaching him about following the prophet and the word of wisdom and when I started teaching him about the word of wisdom he actually already know the things which he was supposed to avoid and listed them before I told him about it! It was pretty cool actually. All I did was talk about how it came from Joseph Smith and then the blessings we receive from following it and then he was already prepared for everything else. He was so willing to follow this commandment like he was like of course I will. He already had a desire to follow it before we even asked. It was awesome!

Solongo and I have been praying for this and praying to have our investigators understand and gain desire to truly learn more and they are starting to! They are changing so much. Especially Tuguldor! I have noticed a huge change in him from when we first met. It is absolutely amazing how this gospel changes people and how much they are able to grow when they start applying these principles we teach into their life! The Lord truly is able to work miracles and this is His work.

The Lord always keeps his promises. When He says He will answer our prayers, He answers them. Granted it is in His time and in his way but he does answer them. This week we were able to see those answers! We were able to witness first hand these miracles occur. What a privilege it is to be a part of his great work! It took a while for us to receive our answer but we continued with our faith and continued praying for his help and He gave it to us.

Sometimes we are just asked to have patience. Like the people of Alma in Mosiah 24. They had such heavy burdens but they prayed to the Lord and he made them light. Notice though that the Lord didn't take them away. They were still there, but the made them light and gave them strength so that they could continue and be able to press forward through their trials. They submitted patiently as well as cheerfully during their trial. How often are we happy during our own trials? Oh let me think, that's easy.... Never! haha. We have trials during this life. It is just a part of what we were asked to endure when we came here. But we aren't given trials to make us sad. The whole point of this life is to have joy. Trials are her to shape us into new people and we are only asked to endue it well. Be happy during this life. "Forever is composed of nows". Don't let your nows be full of doubt or worry. Let them be full of faith and hope that t hings will work out. Focus on what brings you happiness. This life is meant to be full of joy. Take each footstep in faith and make the best of your "nows".

Sister Kerby

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