Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 25, 2016

SO exciting news! I had my first baptism on Friday! YES OTGONDELGER was baptized and it was an awesome experience. She was so happy and it was a nice service. After she was baptized we had her bear her testimony and it was the sweetest thing, I know you might think this is funny but i am not kidding when I say that she was glowing as she was up there speaking what she knows to be true. I felt so happy when I saw her up there. I am so grateful to have known her and to have been able to see her change little by little. I was reminded of the Sons of Mosiah and the type of mission which they served. When they began their mission they spoke of how their hearts were depressed and ready to turn back but the Lord came unto them and comforted them and told them to bear their afflictions with patience and he will give unto them success. This is exactly what they did. Even through all their discouragements and afflictions they did it with patience and because of this, the Lord was able to work great miracles through them. They were able to convert thousands to this gospel. Through their hard times they thought of the people and the bore their afflictions that they might be able to bring one soul unto repentance for how great their joy would be if they did this. I thought of missionary work in general and how it is not an easy thing. We face many challenges during this time but if we have patience and think of those we are serving, we will be able to face the challenges we are handed. I have been able to experience some of this joy that Ammon spoke of. There is nothing better than being able to witness someone come closer to Christ and partake of the necessary ordinances in order to do so. I saw the happiness in Otgondelger's eyes and that was all that I could ever ask for. This is why I chose to serve a mission. It is serving with all your heart might mind and strength so that you will be able to experience moments like these. Granted I will not baptize thousands of people while being on my mission but the few people that I am able to help is all that I could ever ask for. All I desire is their happiness and for them to realize what this gospel can bring to their lives! Even though I have faced a lot of hard days, those don't matter. It is moments and memories like these that matter and something I will cherish my whole life. The things that I have learned while serving here are things that I wouldn't trade for anything and I know that I am serving here for a reason. I am here to share the truths that I know to be true and that I hold dear to my heart. I am here to help share that families can be together forever. I am here to share of our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement and of the sacrifice He made for us all. I am here to share of our Loving Heavenly Father who gave his only perfect son so that all of his imperfect children may return to him. There is no greater love then that what our Father in Heaven and His Son has for us all. I am here to teach of Joseph Smith and how just like them he desired to know the truth and so he prayed to God for an answer. I am here to share that they too can know for themselves and can pray to their heavenly father and receive an answer. I am here to share about the Book of Mormon and how it is the word of God and that as we read and abide by its precepts we can draw nearer to God, receive answers to our prayers, and receive blessings from our Heavenly Father. The message we carry is so precious and important and I am thankful to be a part of this great work.

Tuguldor is coming along. He has grown so much and desires so strongly to be baptized but until his dad gives permission or until he turns 18 he will not be able to be baptized: (yea he came to the baptism and enjoyed it!

Well it’s that time again! Transfers are this week! It is crazy to think that I will already be entering my third transfer! I know for a fact that Solongo will not be my companion but as to who will be staying in the Songono ward I am not sure. I have a feeling that I will be the one to leave because President likes to move the new missionaries around a lot but we will see. I definitely wouldn't mind staying in this ward :) 

So this was a pic of my area that i serve in. It was a nice day so I wanted to take a pic.


On our last p day we ate at burger king which is 100 times better than America and the place is a lot nicer too!

 They take better care of their restaurants here. Mostly because burger king is considered fancy here as opposed to America so that is part of the reason for that i guess. haha

Love, Sister Kerby

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