Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Sain uu?

Wow so many questions from everyone this week:) haha anyways I hope this letter finds everyone doing well! So this week was great! This coming week we have our baptisms! Yay! We were able to meet with Turmunkh and Munkhsaruul's parents and explain to them about this gospel and about what baptism is and the commandments that need to be kept. They were both very understanding and supportive with what we shared. So now that we have explained to them about everything that they need to know and are willing to support their kids, they can be baptized! Munkhsaruuls mom actually came to church the other week and she is now interested in hearing about our church! Muckhsaruuls brother also wants to hear about it. Now we just need her dad to be interested and then we will be able to teach her whole family! It is so exciting being able to teach families because this is what our work is all about! So President Benson didn't talk to them, it is our job to talk with the parents. He was just telling us how we need to make sure the parents are aware before we baptize them.

This week everything has been going well! Nothing crazy happened! I will be getting a new companion on Tuesday because my companion leaves on Tuesday for the Provo MTC!

Hope you are all well, keeping cool, and staying healthy!

Love, Sister Kerby

p.s. buuz are like dumplings but a little bigger. (I talked about them last week when I got sick)

Here are a few pictures from last week.



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