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March 14, 2016

Sain Batsgana uu! Happy Pi Day! Sister de Ruyter and I are planning to make some pie! Are you? haha
Dinosaur Museum, actual dinosaur bones found in Mongolia

So this week has been interesting... It definitely had its ups and downs but don't worry the end of the week has gotten a lot better!

I guess I will start off answering the questions :) Sister Nelson and I got permission from the APs/President because this was becoming a weekly thing. Every Tuesday (at least for this transfer) we are companions after we teach English and we are in my area. We teach my investigators and then she stays the night and then we teach English on Wednesday from 8 to 2 and then after that we go back to our actual companions. It is fun being able to teach with her! Sister Roo has been out for 6 months now so she is not that much older than I am mission wise. Yea she teaches a lot like I do, we work really well together. I love her so much! I am really sad that transfers are coming up this week! We have them on Saturday so she may not be my companion this next transfer. We have only been together 3 weeks too :( I say we might not be together because this week is when all the new missionaries come!!! Crazy huh? The new American missionaries will be here on Saturday so we find out Friday whether or not we will be together. Sister Roo and Ii are really hoping that we stay together! None of the missionaries use a car here. It is way too crazy of a place to drive here. It wouldn't be very safe to have missionaries driving, probably lots of accidents would happen. Imagine how they drive in India, that pretty much describes what it is like driving here. There are maybe about 30 missionaries in the city right now and the rest are in the countryside. Well the city is Ulaanbaatar, that is where we are all serving when I say city but it is divided up into districts within Ulaanbaatar. So I am in han-uul district and sister B is in Bayanzurkh district which is like 25 minutes from me so it’s all the city of Ulaanbaatar, just different districts. It is a little hard to explain in emial. haha but hopefully that helps. I wouldn't say that I am ahead. She actually speaks fairly well and maybe a little better than me but I can understand people. I understand what people are saying a lot better and to me that is more important.

So our investigators are doing great! As you saw last week we had another baptism. Her name wasBadamgarav and she was 61 years old! She had such an amazing story! So she was struggling with smoking and she was smoking about 2 packs a day, but when we started meeting with her and we got her a priesthood blessing and then she only started smoking 2 cigarettes a day. Then we told her in order to be baptized she needed to stop all together. The first time she was interviewed the DL found out that she had smoked once that week and so we had to postpone. This really opened her eyes and she realized that she needed to quit. She really wanted to be baptized and so she prayed for help and she said the Book of Mormon gave her strength and now she has quit all together and she was able to get baptized last week! It was so amazing and I was so proud of her! This just shows me the power that is given to people when they ask for it! The Lord does answer prayers and he does help us accomplish the things that we need to! As 1 Ne 3:7 says, the Lord prepares a way. The Lord has asked us to do many hard things in our life but even though he requires us to do some of these things, he always prepares a way for us so that we may accomplish the things that he asks us to do. I know without a doubt that this is true! He does give us the ability to do everything that we need to. As I said last week, the Lord qualifies us to do His work! I am so thankful for this gospel and for the joy it not only brings to my life but the joy I have been able to see it bring to my investigators lives. I know that we are able to find true happiness through this gospel and it is only in obeying the commandments that God has given us that we truly can have joy in this life. As President Monson said, Our Heavenly Father created us and so he knows us perfectly. He knows what we need to do and what we need to have in order to be truly happy in this life. I know this to be true with all my heart.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Kerby

The boy is ganhuu, he is our investigators little brother! Cute right? :)

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