Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 28, 2016

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope that you are all able to have a good week and that as this week is Easter, you all remember its true meaning and remember our Savior and what he has done for us all! So this week was hard mostly because we were so busy and weren't able to teach a lot of people which makes me sad! We had some crazy things happen, I had to move. So I am no longer living with Sister Bollwinkel anymore:( It was a glorious 3 days together and then we got the news from President Benson that everyone has to be moved. So I am now living in the Bayanzurkh District with Sister Roo, Sister Harker and Sister Tau and we are living in a super nice apartment right now! It is great! We even have a real washing machine! I never knew how grateful I would be to have one of those again! haha. So anyways I am sad but it is all good. We live right across from the mission home now so that is nice but we still are serving in Han-Uul so it is hard trying to travel back and forth but we will make it work! It is going to be a great transfer still and even though I can tell it will be a hard one, we are going to have a lot of experiences here and it will be great! But they always say if it’s not hard then it’s not worth it:)

Before I forget to answer this, Hairtai shvv, literally translates to with love and then shvv is literally an exclamation point (!). haha.
So even though this week was hard, we were able to have a great lesson on Saturday! Sister Tau and I had to go on a split while Sister Harker trained Sister Roo to be a sister training leader and so we went to Enkhtaiwan area which is where Sister Tau serves and we visited her investigators. It was really great! We visited one less active who was a RM (returned missionary)and she has a family. But her husband isn’t a member so that just made it hard for her and which is part of the reason she fell away. She still believes in God and knows what she needs to do in order to come back. She just isn't doing it! Which is frustrating but we are determined to help her :) We had a neat experience with her. She was talking about how she has had a lot of trials and that there are so many temptations in the world and it makes this life really hard and so i had the prompting to share the scripture in D&C when Joseph is in liberty jail and he is just wondering where God is in all of this and the Lord says unto him bear all your afflictions with patience and all those experiences will be for your good and then verse 9 talks about how you should fear not for God will be with you forever and always. Anyways it was perfect for her but i could remember which section it was. I totally blanked. but she had already gotten her D&C book out and when she opened it she had seen a letter that she had written to herself inside that talked about her testimony and how if she ever fell away to remember this one verse D&C 10:5 and she just started crying and opened up to us about everything. It was such a special moment and I was grateful that even though i couldn't remember the verse, she found exactly what she needed to hear. If i didn't get the feeling to share that verse with her then she wouldn't have seen that letter so it was just a testimony builder for me that as we follow through with any prompting or feeling we receive then what needs to happen will happen even if it doesn't quite turn out the way you thought it would, it turns out the way that it needs to. So this was my neat experience for the week!

This morning Sister Harker and I went to a lesson but they weren’t home, but there was this cool little buddhist town so we went and looked around and took pics of it so here are some of them!

I love you all, until next week,

Sister K


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