Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hey so sorry this will probably be a letter on the short side.... I had a lot of emails to read and look at and I’ll be honest my stomach isn't feeling a 100 percent right now.... I think it is the mantuu that Sister Ruu and I tried to make yesterday and they didn't turn out quite as good as we hoped.

My investigators are doing great :) Our families are really doing great. We visited them on Saturday and we showed them our albums. When they got to the picture with me and my three brothers at Ryan’s wedding that we took, the ward member we were with was like you guys are heavenly messengers or actually I guess that translates to angels in English. Sorry that was a direct translation from Mongolian, I forgot the word in English for a sec. anyways, so yea they loved us. haha and then they called my 3 brothers the 3 Nephites, haha thought you all would like that. Yawl are being compared to the 3 Nephites down here.

Also I got shocked the other day too.... Sis Nelson and I were planning for English and we were at the mission home borrowing one of their computers and the cord they had was really frayed and Sister Nelson thought we shouldn't use it but I was like oh its fine so I plug it in and then we try to turn on the computer and it doesn't work so I thought the cord just needed to be adjusted a little so I went to go fix it and then right when I touched it, it literally exploded! I screamed so loud and my had turned all black and Becky, the secretary and Munkhbold our AP came running in and were like what happened and so I told them and they were so worried. haha I’m okay though so no worries.... I took a pic afterwards of course, you can’t see it too well but oh well. Munkhbold got us another cord and told me not to touch it and said he would do for me and was all like za yu and so I was of course like za.... anyways it was scary but afterwards everyone laughed about it.
I am also picking up my deel today!!!! I finally got it!!! YAY! We went to the black market called Narantuul and I found one! I also got some cute boots! It was so cheap and awesome! I’ll send pics next week of what it looks like :)

I have never been so grateful for American hospitals until Friday.... We had to go to the hospital to get an aids test so that we could renew our Visa and stay in the country. So when we went to get it drawn, they couldn't see my vein in my arm and ended up taking blood from like the side of my wrist! It hurt so bad and they took forever cause blood wasn't really coming out from that area. They just kept saying Ymar sonin ym be? Which is along the lines of how weird is that, I can't quite explain it but it’s along those lines and I am just sitting there like yea no DUH that is weird! haha you are taking blood from my wrist like where my bone is! lol

The language.... it is coming :) there is a difference from the beginning but it is coming slowly. I’ll say that much. Also I understand more than I can speak. So yea, haha. It’s okay though, according to my investigators I am really cute so at least I have that going for me and they say that every time they see us we keep getting cuter so yea :) haha I love them so much.

Well that is it for the week! Anyways I don't have time to write anymore but this has been my week.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Kerby