Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 9, 2016

My new deel (traditional Mongolian) dress
Well this week has been pretty great :) This week we sadly won't be able to do a lot of work because we have the English Symposium coming up where English Teachers of the second language will be coming from America to this symposium and will visit our classes this week to see how things are going so that will be fun. Dr. Evans the one who helped teach us how to be teachers will be coming. The Conference will be Friday and Saturday and will be an all-day thing and then Thursday we will have a training for it so that will be interesting, I have no idea what we will be doing or what exactly it will be about but i will let you know next week how it goes:) It will be a great opportunity though for us to really be good examples and show how much we love it here and can help improve the English teaching program, Right now Mongolia is an example for this program and if it works here then it will also be used for other countries that the Church is trying to get into so it is really cool. Teaching English really is a great way to help other countries and also helps us be able to continue in this work and share it with others in countries who are not so open to different religions and won't let just missionaries in.

I also wanted to talk about my investigators because I feel like I haven't shared enough about them
This is one of my investigators,she is a contortionist
with you guys! So one family is a father, mother, and 3 kids. Their son Ganbayar has been taking the lessons for a while and just recently they have been taking them as a family, we are currently on the plan of salvation and they are doing great. They are so excited to learn and I am just so excited to teach them however since transfers happened, even though I am still in han uul. They are actually in the bounds of the other ward. So they attend the Tuul ward and so I won’t be able to teach them anymore which I am super sad about but I know that heavenly father will take care of them. I was so worried about letting them go and at first I didn't want to and wanted to ask permission to keep teaching them but the more I thought about it, the more I was like if I was supposed to keep teaching them then I
Her name is Erdenechimeg
would be in the Tuul ward not the han uul one and so I just need to trust in the Lord and trust that the other sisters will meet with them and take good care of this great family. Our other family is a mom, dad and their new baby. The mom is a LA (less active) and a return missionary who served in Arizona. She isn't quite LA but she hasn't been coming to church like she should and so we count her as LA. Dulguun is the dad and he really wants to be a member because he wants to marry his wife in the temple. Since the beginning before they even got married he wanted this and so this has helped us a lot in teaching, this church is centered on families so it is a great motivator for him. I am so excited for them. Yesterday we taught a great lesson at Janibeks house who is a member and is actually the brother in law of the wife so it was great! Our last family is a mom, dad and son and the dad is so curious about the gospel. He sincerely just wants to learn and to find out the truth. I am so excited for when we teach the restoration because this will be a powerful lesson for them because they also just want to know the truth. I have found this with a lot of investigators. They just want to know the truth. These are our main people right now, we have a couple of other investigators but I just wanted to share about them for now because they mean so much to me and I hope we can help them and that they will continue to progress in this gospel, It truly is great out here being able to see all these great things. It makes all the hard times worth it. Being able to see these families and see how much they love each other is just awesome :) Ahhh i just love them so much :) they make me want to be a better missionary :)

This was the baptism of Ariunzaya. She wasn't in my ward but I taught her pretty much most of the lessons when I went on splits with Sister Tao and Sister Harker so she counts me as one of her missionaries. She is so adorable :)

Any ways, hope you have a great week! 

Love Sister Kerby

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