Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5, 2016


Well another week has gone by and it has been good. I love the new area, the members, investigators, and just everyone! It has been great! I am still getting used to the area and still don't really know where anything is but it’s going well. I am finding it and doing my best and so far it is working out pretty well I think :) Don’t ask me why it’s called American Denj. haha. I have no idea. Denj is hill in Mongolian and that’s about all I know regarding the name. Things are good with the companion. No.... she hasn't been here a transfer, she just came this transfer. I picked her up her second day in Mongolia so she has officially been in Mongolia a week now. Things are going well, she is great and really sweet. Although she can be sarcastic and sassy... so pretty much just like me. It has been fun, she keeps me from getting too stressed so that’s good :) haah just kidding, I actually don't really get that stressed. Things are going great and I am really loving my mission. As for the long distance branch... I wasn't in charge of it before like I am now. I only participated in the long distance branch meaning I gave a talk for it once. Now I am in charge of calling all the people and seeing who can sit in on the sacrament. It’s been fun. The people who sit in for it are throughout all of Mongolia so it’s cool speaking to other people who are living in a totally different province.

A trip to the Mongolian  Countryside
The work is going well. I haven’t been able to meet with the one family who gave us the nuts. We have been busy and meeting with others but we plan to meet with them this week. Yea they were pine nuts and they were really good! Let’s see nothing too exciting happened. We have just been meeting the members and getting to know them and then we have had a couple of lessons with less actives and some new members so it’s been fun. My poor companion had no idea what went on during these lessons. haha it just brought me back to when I first got here and couldn't understand anything. IT’s been kind of cool though because I have been able to see how far I have come. Man, it is really great here. I just love it! I am truly happy, it’s been a great experience.

School will be starting on the 15th of September. Don’t really know what to expect for it. They are making a lot of changes when it comes to English so it’s pretty cool to see. It’s one of those things where I will just have to tell you about it after the mission. it’s too hard to explain it all on an email.

I am planning on going next week with sister Bollwinkel and taking my companion to the big birds again to do something cool :) so maybe I’ll get a picture with the falcon this time :) hehe. I apparently don't have enough cool pics with the birds of prey so I need more.

Have a good week!

Love, Sister Kerby

Other Pictures of Our Outing. 

Elder Sutphin, Sisters Bollwinkel, Austin, Kerby Wilcox, Nelson & Bennett
Sister Olsen, Sutphin & Kofoed

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