Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 13, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Another good week has come and gone. It’s going by fast especially with the Christmas season upon us. We have been really busy here with different things going on in regards to meeting with our people, English splits, and just getting ready for our Zone Conference that is this Friday. Well I was right, I am currently companions with Sister Lichtenberg so that has been fun being with someone from my MTC group. She has been teaching me the people in our area and so that has been fun getting to know them. We have a couple of great people that we are working with so that has been fun! Sadly I am not in American Denj anymore. I don't know what will happen but we have another mini transfer that is happening right after Christmas because the new Mongolian missionaries will be coming back from the MTC in the Philippines so they will start their mission and hopefully some sisters will be put back in American Denj. President might have me help out the next couple of weeks in my old area but we have to talk to him about it to see if that is what he wants us to do.

We had some cool experiences this week. One of them was we were going to meet with someone in our ward and it was a new person so Sister Lichtenberg had never been to their house before and while we were walking trying to find it, there was this old man walking near us and he was blind and was coming up to a spot that was kind of icy and looked like it would be hard for him to cross so I asked sister Lichtenberg if we should help him and so we went and helped him. While we were helping him get to his building he asked us where we were going and we told him that we were going to meet with a friend but we couldn't find their house. He then asked what their building number was and we told him and he pointed us in a direction and gave us directions on how to get there. After helping we said thank you and we started following the directions he gave us. After just a couple minutes of walking we saw the building we were looking for! We were just like Woah! A blind man somehow was able to lead us to this building. It was just amazing that he knew and he was definitely blind, he couldn't even really open his eyes. It was just amazing because we were planning to go in a different direction so if we didn't stop to help him then he couldn't have helped us. We wouldn't have been able to find it, well at least in the amount of time that we did if he didn't help us. It was really cool! It’s amazing how the Lord works and how he puts people into our paths. Sometimes we first have to help someone else before we are able to receive the help we need. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly but it just goes to show that when you lose yourself and look to helping others first, the help you need will be given to you in a way that might surprise you. I think we can sometimes in the end be the blind ones and forget to see what is around us so we must open our eyes so that we may be lead to where we need to go. Just something to think about! I could probably go on and on about this but I’m going to leave it short so I can share my next story with you :)

So yesterday we had to do a crazy English split and so I ended up being with Sister Nelson after we taught English and we worked in her area which is Han-Uul which is my old area and then we went to go check some houses and one of them was one of my new members who has kind of become less active because she doesn't go to church and Sister Nelson has tried meeting with them but they won't let her in and so she took me there yesterday and we were able to see them. The grandma which was the one I was really worried about wasn't there but her grandkids were there. One of which is also a new member and the other who wanted to be baptized but with the support not being great I didn't want to baptize her when I was there. I taught her once in a while but never gave a baptismal date. Anyways so we talked to them and they tried calling the grandma to come but she never answered and so without a Gerch we couldn't meet with just them so we only talked for a little bit but I straight up asked them about their grandma and what happened. They said she was just busy with work and can't go, but they won't meet with the missionaries there and so I was just like what happened. I was worried the grandma started smoking again and that was why she wouldn't meet but that’s not it. The granddaughter said no she isn't smoking so that was good! They would tell me if she was so that made me happen. So we made an appointment on Friday to meet with them. I wrote a quick note for them giving them a chapter from the book of Mormon to read from as a family by this coming Friday so I hope they do it. They were sad to hear that I won't be there. They were like it would be cool if you two came but I said I can't because I’m in a different area but I might be able to come Monday because I’ll be with Sister Nelson again during that time so hopefully I can meet with them and figure out what happened and to just help the best way I can to at least get them started meeting missionaries again. I love them so much! Ah it hurts seeing them not coming to church. So we will see what happens. It’s in the Lords hands. I know he will help us. These splits had to happen like this for a reason for English so the fact I get to be with Sister Nelson helping in her area means that something can happen :) it’s awesome! I love the work! It’s so awesome being a missionary and seeing these different things happen! I really am loving my life right now :))

There are about 60 missionaries in this mission, about 30 elders and 30 sisters. It’s pretty even. We are all here as English teachers we just have different sponsors and so we work at different schools but it doesn't matter whether you are elder or sister. Those missionaries also include the Mongolians. We are a tiny mission.... haha. I only have 6 sisters in our zone. The rest are in the other zone.

Love you all have a great week

Sister Kerby

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