Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 6, 2016

Hello Family and Friends,

Hope that everyone has been able to have a great week! My week definitely went by fast and it was a really good week! I was able to have a couple of great experiences that I will share later on in my letter. Well transfers are indeed upon us this week and I won't know until probably tonight the full details of what will be happening but I basically know what is happening to me because last Thursday I got a call from one of the AP's Elder Filmore and he was asking me what I had planned for the day and I told him how we had studies and then our big plan and then district meeting and he asked when our district meeting was and I told him 3:30 and then he’s like oh good can you come sit in on our MLC and I was just like umm sure... MLC is the Mission Leadership Counsel... so they had me come sit in on the meeting and then President Harper was talking to me and he was like well I guess you know why you are here and what calling you will be having in the coming transfer. So yes I have been asked to be a Sister Training Leader :) I will most likely be with Sister Lichtenberg from my group but I don’t know for sure. So that will be fun. I will probably be serving in both American Denj and Sansar Ward. It will be fun! I look forward to having this opportunity. It will be great being able to serve the sisters in an even greater form. I love the sisters here so much! I am excited to help them in any way that I can so yea that is pretty much what is going on with me this transfer. I will be an STL for the rest of my mission and train the new STL before I leave so I basically have the rest of my mission figured out. lol.

Like I mentioned earlier, this week was really good. We were able to help some of our members out this week. We went and heart attacked one of our members door and when we went to go visit her this week she was so thankful! She even put the things we made in her book that she was making and she saved them. It was so cute. We had a really good spiritual lesson with her too. We just shared some of our favorite scriptures with her and bore our testimonies and she was so grateful to us for doing that. She just cried and said how she needed that. Her husband isn't a member and he wasn't really the most friendly towards us before, but after we did that, because he had seen it and when we were leaving their house he saw us and was really friendly. He said hi and shook our hands and was really nice and asked if we were leaving or coming and when we said we were leaving he was kind of like oh okay and sounded a little disappointed. I’m telling you guys!!! It truly is the little things that we do each day that make a difference. We never know how our acts that we do will affect others around us. We didn't even think about her husband and his reaction we just wanted to do something sweet for our RS pres. and to let her know how awesome she is and how much we love her and I think that this softened his heart some. It was really cool!

Our next thing that happened was we went to go visit one of our less actives. It was really good that we visited her that day because she really needed it. She really opened up to us that day and told us a lot of problems that she was having. And so we were able to share a message of faith with her and helped her be able to feel that she isn't alone and that there are people who care about her. It made me think a lot about how much the Savior really does look after the one. Whether it’s the one Samaritan woman at the well, the one prodigal son who returned home or the one less active who felt alone and unwanted. No matter who someone may be, the one is always the most important to the Lord and he will do anything to go rescue that person and we should be willing as well to go help the one in need. I hope that we all look for opportunities for when we can help the one person that we see. We can all be a helping hand in someone’s life. I read a talk today that talked about how it isn't coincidence that we are living in the areas which we are living and where we grew up. We are here for a reason. There is a part that we play, no matter how big or small that part may be, it is a part nonetheless. I am thankful for the ways in which I have been able to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I have seen countless blessings from it and am so grateful for it! I have seen a lot of great things recently and have recognized that I am playing a part. Even being with my mini missionary has showed me how much I am helping. She has been a great example to me and I love her so much. She will be one that I contact and talk to a lot after my mission. I am grateful to have served with her. She has been a great companion and a great friend and it is funny that we have no language barrier. I communicate perfectly fine in Mongolian with her and it has been a great blessing to see that I was able to do that. In regards to the mission and the gospel there is no language barrier. I have truly seen that this transfer. She tells me all the time how much she is learning from me and the example I have been to her and I can't help but think that she has been a great help to me as well.

This is all I have time for this week and hope you have a great week! Remember the blessings! Until next week.

Sister Kerby

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