Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016

Kristin and her companion with on a hike in the snow.
Hello Family and Friends!

So this Christmas has been a little different this year because we weren't able to get together as a mission like we did last year with everything going on, but it was actually a really great opportunity to take a step back and to see what the meaning of Christmas actually is. This Christmas we basically went to church and then we came home and made some delicious enchiladas but then after that we went and taught a family that has been getting the lessons. They are a great family. The other week we taught them about faith and it was such a great lesson. The spirit was really strong and it was one of those lessons where it was a turning point for them and they were able to see that this was something that they really wanted. They turned to us at the end and was like we are meeting tomorrow again right?? And then they came together as a family to church for the first time Sunday. Before they had just come to the stake conference together and so this last Sunday was their first real Sunday together and it was even better because it was Christmas so it was even more special :) But yea during one of the lessons they were just saying how they are really trying and preparing right now as a family to be baptized. They told us how their life has been changed since coming into this church and it was just really cool to see them and to know that they are finally ready. Their time is now and that is just so awesome. What makes it even better is that before they were living in the city, they actually lived in the countryside and they lived right by the church and every time the mom would see it she would just get a feeling inside of her that there was something special about that church and that it was meant to be a part of their life and then they moved to the city and where do they happen to move to? They literally moved right across from the church building and that was just a sign to them that there really was something special there. Their kids were the first to really start coming and then the mom and dad joined in together and now they are all coming together. It really is awesome being a missionary and being able to see so many people’s lives change through this message that we are sharing with them. We truly are the Lords hands at this time and we are helping him in this great work. He truly does prepare the people. That is one thing I have noticed about being here is that the Lord has everything figured out. He knows the beginning to the end and all of those details in between and so we can trust in Him completely. Then we went to one of our other investigators and sang some Christmas songs to her and brought her some cookies. It was really fun and she loved it. It was just a simple but great day. You really come to appreciate the simple things and to realize how much we have been given. This season is a time to really remember what is truly important in our lives.

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Kerby

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